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As a Landlord, Are you compliant?

18 December 2023

As A Landlord, Are You Compliant?

New reports have shown that one of the most prominent Estate Agents in the UK has allowed its landlords open to fines of between £9million and £30million collectively in the last few...

7 Top Tips for Buy-to-Let

10 April 2023

7 Top Tips For Buy-To-Let

One. Research the Broxburn Market Before investing in buy-to-let property in Broxburn, it's crucial to research the property market. Look at the rental demand, average rental prices, and...

Is Buy-to-Let in Bathgate Still Worth the Risk?

9 February 2023

Is Buy-To-Let In Bathgate Still Worth The Risk?

Regarding taxation, in 2016, the Government added a 3% supplement in Land and Buildings Transaction Tax on all buy-to-let properties (although now its 6%). Then, in 2017, the Government...

Inflation - Every Livingston Landlords’ Saviour

16 December 2022

Inflation - Every Livingston Landlords’ Saviour

Some of you reading this will be old enough to remember the 1970s – the bell-bottom trousers, the huge collars, frayed jeans, disco glitter balls, maxi dresses, midi skirts but above...

Livingston Tenants Face Further Rent Hikes, as the Number of Available Rental Homes Drops by 70%

28 November 2022

Livingston Tenants Face Further Rent Hikes, As The Number Of Available Rental Homes Drops By 70%

The Livingston rental property shortage is currently very evident. In this article, I will investigate why there is such a significant lack of homes available for rent across Livingston...

Livingston Landlrds

20 October 2022

Livingston Landlrds

Will Livingston buy-to-let continue to be profitable in the next few years?   Being a Livingston landlord is undoubtedly a challenge. The glory years of making money from ‘any...

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